The Barkholic family has the privilege to invite many parents to join our model search. 
Everyone one of our fluffies are very special in their own ways.
 We are very thankful for the ones who are currently with us, and actively involved in the family. 
We enjoy every moment they spend with us. 
If you are interested in joining the model search, please follow our Instagram @Barkholic to get the updates on our next rounds. 
A big Thank you for everyone!


arlo (@arlothepomsky )

Arlo is a very unique pomsky, and certainly eye catching! Arlo loves to play the “food on paw” game; believe me, it is a super challenging game. Being raised in a cheerful family that cherishes life, Arlo has built a very optimistic paw-sonality. Arlo has recently become a big brother, and he is doing a great job getting along with his little sister—Kensie. Arlo is also very actively involved in the Barkholic family; he always asks his mom to send photos and
videos to share every moment with us. Why don’t you come and check out Arlo’s daily yourself?

“I ran a crossing first ever Pomsky photo on Instagram approximately 1 year ago. I fell madly in love with this fairly new breed and came across a breeder. Arlo and I have become inseparable. We love to travel and take adventure to see and cherish this world. He loves to take photos and is the sweetest little thing. Kensie joined our family last weekend and she is full of spunk. Arlo is now attached at the hip to her!” --- Arlo's parent

BUBBA (@thebubbabulldog )

There is no greater friend than one who is always by your side, even in your pain. And yet Bubba has come along, placing all the broken pieces back in place, being the best friend and family. The Barkholic team first came across Bubba’s purple shower cap photo, and it is so lovely that we have been passing it around in the team for few days. And it turned out to be Bubba mom’s favorite photo, too! Bubba is a shutterbug; in every photo, he sits super tight and waits for mommy to snap the best shot. Bubba loves to share his daily stories, so why don’t you go and check it out on his Instagram? He will bring you loads of delight for sure!

CHEWIE (@chewiethemalshi)

We are here to introduce the Maltese Shihtzu, Chewie from the Chi-town! Chewie has always been the one that brings the Barkholic team so many joyful moments. At the very first time while we saw Chewie’s photos, our team members had a mutual affinity to Chewie. One of our team member just couldn’t let go of Chewie’s photo, it is too cruel to asked someone to take one’s eye off Chewie. Like Chewie’s mom, Jeannie, we love Chewie just as much as she does. Jeannie is always very supportive, and she loves to share Chewie’s photo with us every time when she snapped a new shot. We are so grateful to have you with us. Please do send us more cuteness of Chewie!

nube (@nubethesamoyed)

"Her name means “cloud” in Spanish as she is the closest thing to a walking cloud. She loves stealing socks and underwear and her favorite foods are yogurt and peanut butter. We got her from Spain so we think she barks in Spanish" --- Nube's parent


It is often hard for us to find a place of belonging, and we are glad that Nube has found hers! We often need to support each other and pass on the good vibes, and having a fluffy is one of the best ways to do so. Sharing all your moments with he/she is the most precious experience in life. Nube is that kind of fluffy to give her mom a sense of easiness after a long day of work. In a very fast pace society, we often feel that it is hard to sit down and actually
realize who we are; and yet Nube has met her mom, someone who is very special so that they can understand each other’s uniqueness. Thank you for easing mommy’s nostalgia, Nube. You have also eased ours too.

Our little Yorkie model Thor is born in March 2011, and he is from the beautiful California, U.S. When the Barkholic team came across Thor’s photos, we have immediately captured by the glows from his eyes. It may be due to Thor’s life experience, Thor has always seemed to be very optimistic and bright. Thor’s mom has written a story of how Thor and her met. The Barkholic family is so grateful to have someone like Thor to be with us, and bring us so much joy while he shares his story about travelling around the world on his Instagram @THOR.THE.YORKIE


"Thor and I unexpectedly crossed paths in March of 2015 - he was about 4 years old at the time and had been used as a breeder. His owner was looking to get rid of him since there was no longer a need for him. At the time, I was going through a very difficult period and was not expecting to find a companion like Thor. When Thor suddenly appeared in my life, he was an underweight, timid ball of fur with fleas, overgrown nails that curled into his paw bed, and stage 4 periodontal disease. I knew from the moment I saw him, however, that it was love at first sight. After we got him all the medical care he needed, he immediately blossomed into the outgoing, happy, brave little pup he is today. I thought for a while that I had rescued Thor, but in reality, Thor had rescued me. He provided me with a sense of comfort when I needed it the most and taught me the true meaning of unconditional love Thor and I share a very deep, unique bond that nothing could ever break. Although Thor is small inside, he has the biggest heart and I am so grateful for him in my life.”